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Character : Zhang Cai Ping 
Cast : Yue Ling
"Yao Hui's loving companion and a persevering woman. Because of her beauty, her fate was a life of extreme sadness. Because of her proud character, it created a life that was lacking in romance. Tough and eager to do well in everything, she was willing to choose to let go of her love and dreams to stand out among everyone else. But at the instant she became a singing megastar, she finally comprehended the truth. To a woman, this empty vision of ideas could never be the same as a lover's large hands that can give warmth and reality."
Character : Chen Yao Hui 
Cast : Huo Zheng Qi
"A man who was promoted by Zheng Yi and got caught up in the world. One who is serious in his promises, talks of righteousness and likes to help the injusticed yet is clear in his resentments and grudges. When he removes the outer garment of fighting to exist, he is a filial son to his mother, fondly loves women and a tender man who is silently willing to give up his life and everything he has for Cai Ping."
Character : Liu Wen Xian 
Cast : Huang Ying Xun
"Zheng Yi's adopted son, has a degree in law and a man with an evil heart. He's clever, selfish, cunning and treats people with an intense feeling of mistrust. Because of that, Zheng Yi thinks of him as his real son. Unfortunately he couldn't fight off the temptation of money and was willing to approach the road of sin."
Character : Lin Jun Sheng 
Cast : 
Song Yi Min
"A spendthrift but hasn't lost his gentle nature. Has no interest in work. Because of this his father, Jin Cai, regards him as being useless. In the eyes of a wife, he is the useless husband."
Character : Lin Jin Cai 
Cast :
Pang Xiang Lin
"Businessman and the father of Jun Sheng and Yao Hui. A rude, unreasonable, overbearing and sinister man. One who puts humane virtues on his mouth at all times, but in secret an old devil who does all kinds of evil."
Character : Chen Xiu Xia 
Cast :
Jie Rong
"A woman who was dumped by Jin Cai and the mother of Yao Hui. A strong, hardworking, loving, kind-hearted and typical gentle mother. Every civilian woman's model and the light of Taiwan's mothers."
Character : Liu Yi Jun 
Cast :
Chen Ming Zhen
"The only daughter of Zheng Yi. Fell in love with Yao Hui. A woman of outer hardness but inner softness and who has fashionable taste. Yet her inner heart has feelings of being inferior and emptiness due to her family's breakup."

Character : Liu Zheng Yi 
Cast :
Lin Zai Pei
"Yao Hui's savior. A honest man with firm actions and revered by others. He has a strong sense of friendship and a big brother that the others would be willing to take a bullet for."
Character : Ah Zhong 
Cast :
Chen Ting
"Was Jun Sheng's follower and loves wealth as his life. A man who has knowledge and courage. Initially planned to use Jun Sheng to make Jin Cai's business be defeated by Zheng Yi. Later bribed by Jin Cai and becomes one of his important people."
Character : Ah Xi
Cast :
Hong Cheng Yang
"Yao Hui's good friend with a flavor of the country to him. Has the happy look to him and does the taxi business for a living."
Character : Xiong Ge 
Cast :
Lin Yi Fang
"Zheng Yi's underling. On the outside, he manages a tea shop business but in secret he helps Zheng Yi take care of his gambling business. A man who has strong ties of friendship."
Character : He Yu Hua 
Cast :
  Liu Yu Ting
"The wife of Jun Sheng and a woman of strong ability, intelligence and kindness. Was Jin Cai's secretary but married Jun Sheng to repay family debts. As a result, she lost  woman's most precious; youthfulness and marriage."

Character : Jiu Dian Jin Li 
Cast :
  Ma Hui Zhen
"The manager of the place where Cai Ping sings and later became sisters with Cai Ping. A woman with a heroic personality."
Character : Liao Sang 
Cast :
  Shi Feng
"Good friend of Zheng Yi, has a daring spirit and a figure who has seen many great storms. When he was young, he went to jail in place of Zheng Yi and caused the breaking up of his family. When he was released, he opened a car shop so he could stay away from the life he once lived. But because of Yao Hui, he again entered the world of the gangsters."
Character : Guo Tian Rong 
Cast :
  Tan Xue Bin
"The right hand man of Zheng Yi, with a strong taste of the world on him. A loyal and protective person, except he has a violent temper. Frequently causes incidents that leads to disaster."
Character : Zhang Mu 
Cast :
Xiao Hui
"Cai Ping's mother. A whole body with serious illnesses, and hates life due to her long illness. In order to prevent her daughter from finding money to help pay for her medical bills, she chooses to commit suicide to end her sad life."

Character : Lei Chun Fu 
Cast :
Xiao Hu Dou
"The adopted father of Cai Ping, treats alcohol as his life and is gluttonous and lazy. Due to the economy's slump, he lost his job and stayed at home for many years. He has no goal in life and can only ask for Cai Ping's help."

Character : Ah Cheng 
Cast :
Zhou Chen Da
"A worker at the night club and a friend of Yao Hui. The key figure in helping Cai Ping enter the singing world."
Character : Ah Yong 
Cast :
  Nie Bing Xian
"A man who likes to be tough and doesn't listen to pleas of passion. Jin Cai's trusted henchman and is in charge of all the inner affairs of the Lin Family company."

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