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A Personal Thank You
I would like to thank these few people, without them this site would not have existed.

Thank you to Seagull for the translation of the cast list.

Thank you Le Thi and Scarlett (and her mom) for the translation of the synopsis and also the cast list.

Thank you to Yue Ling's Homepage, Yue Ling Angel Homepage and Sina Yue Ling Fan Club for the gorgeous pictures.

And most of all, thank you to Jennifer aka Reiko from the SPCNET Discussion Forum for the translation of the cast list, character description, full synopsis and confirmation of the title. Without her, there won't be much in here. Frankly, I didn't plan to make such a detailed site for a series I have yet to see but since Jessica translated everything I sent her, I thought why not make use of all the info!

I will be thanking them again in the individual pages. I am very touched by their sincerity, accurate translation and well, time for what they did for this site of mine.


Funn Lim