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The Yangs:

Zheng Pei Pei - Lady She 
Most Respected Character
The head of the household. Ever since her husband and sons died in the war, she has been the one in charge. Initially the whole Yang family is not very united, but after some incidents, they began to stand as a whole under her leadership. She's what I called a true heroine.

Roger Kwok - Yang Si Lang aka Mu Yi
Most Short sighted and Selfish Character
Age: 32
Fourth son in the Yang family. Everyone thought he was killed in the battle at Jing Sa Tang. When war broke out again, Siniang saw her in the Liao's camp and learnt that he has became the Liao's prince consort.
Comments: I really hate this character. Maybe you don't agree with me, but I think he's one wimpy, shortsighted and selfish person so much so that I don't think he deserve to be a Yang. I definitely do not agree with Yang An or his own explanation on why he choose to be a Prince Consort of the Liaos. Yang An said it took greater courage to live than to die, I beg to differ. If he's a man with the slightest integrity, he should choose to kill himself when he learnt that Ying Jing is actually the Liao princess and also they wanted him to be the Prince Consort. Empress Xiao is the one that cause so much bloodshed between the Songs and Liao, she's the one that killed so many of his soldiers when he was still a warrior, she was the one that killed her father and can any person with the slightest integrity called such a hateful woman mother in law?!?!?!? If I'm him really, I would seize the chance to assassinate her, make your own death more worth it. Yes I agree, if he did that he's doing Ying Jing, his savior a "BIG" wrong, but he's a MAN, he's a Warrior, most importantly, he's a YANG warrior known for their patriotism. Killing Empress Xiao is riding the Songs a big enemy and maybe peace will be restored after this. If harming a girl can save the lives of millions of soldiers, why not? Sometimes it's really essential to think of the BIG picture. Think of all the soldiers that died. Think of all the dead soldier's family that are mourning in pain. Think of all the civilians that are suffering. And I was also pissed at how he treated Siniang. If he had thought of his wife, if he really loved his wife as much as he claims, why did he ever remarry?!!?!!?!? All I can see is how Siniang always think for him and not the other way. I know I will never forgive this man when I saw how Siniang wept when he left her. How can he be so cruel? To conclude, Yang Silang is a lousy warrior and definitely one hell of a lousy husband.

Ben Wong - Yang Liu Lang
Most Patriotic Character
Age: 28/34
Sixth son of the Yang Family. He's the only one with a son, Yang Zhong Bao. He's stationed at the Song-Liao borders as the leading marshal, making sure the Liaos would not attack the Songs successfully.
Comments: I think he's the most patriotic and the Yang son with the most integrity( In actual fact, I don't think highly of the Yang guys mostly thanks to Silang, I think the wives are much better people). To him, it's always COUNTRY before FAMILY. So he makes a good soldier, but not really a great husband. I pity his son and wife because he's always at the borders all year round and only get to reunite with the family during festivals.  

Cai Ying - Da Niang
Age: 30/36 
Background: Wife of the 1st Yang son.
Comments: This is just another Ke-Le-Fe character, so nothing much to comment about her actually. She looks understanding and king though.

Wei Yi Na - Er Niang
Age: 26/32
Background: Wife of the 2nd Yang son.
Comments: This is just another Ke-Le-Fe character, so nothing much to comment about her actually. The actress playing this character looks a bit fierce to me. =p

Jing Ying - San Niang
Age: 24/30
Background: Wife of the 3rd Yang son. She's the most vain wife in the family, always very conscious about her looks and knows a lot about cosmetics.
Comments: This is just another Ke-Le-Fe character, so nothing much to comment about her actually.

Wang Yu Wen - Siniang 
Most Forgiving & Considerate Character

Age: 28/34
Background: Wife of the 4th Yang son.
Comments: I think I wanna pray to her if such a magnanimous person ever since. hahaha. I mean your husband remarry and she still thanked him and always think of his welfare!?! Her magnanimity is what that makes me respect and like her and don't you think she has a very soothing look? She's not pretty but one look at her you'll feel at peace.

Constance Song Yi Fei - Wu Niang
st Blabber Mouth Character
Age: 22/30
Background: Wife of the 5th Yang son. Her husband became a monk after the battle at Jing Sa Tang. She felt humiliated about the fact that he dumped her to be a monk. Later she went to look for him and demanded for a reason. They sort of reconciled after that.
Comments: Well, this is not a major character, the only scene that I could remember her in was the one where she went to look for her husband at the temple, begging him to see her and to go and save Bamei. The monks in the temple were trying to stop her and she scolded them. I think that was quite a dynamic scene. Wu Niang is a blabber mouth, very frank person and so tends to offend people. She's closer to Liu Niang.

Tong Ai Ling - Liu Niang aka Princess Cha
Age: 28/34
Background: Wife of the 6th Yang son. She's actually a Princess and she gave birth of the only heir of the Yang family: Yang Zhong Bao.
Comments: This is just another Ke-Le-Fe character, so nothing much to comment about her actually.

Sun Li - Qi Niang aka Xie Jin E
Most Intelligent and Learned Character

Age: 20/26
Background: Wife of the 7th son in the Yang family. Qilang and her did not really had an official wedding ceremony and Lady She did not know about her presence initially. When the female Yang warriors went to the borders to fight the Liaos, she came to their army camp, saying that she's the wife of Qilang. Everyone has doubts about her but later her sincerity touched everyone and they accepted her.
Comments: I like this character because she's very intelligent, frank, mature despite her tender age and sometimes cute.

Carmen Lee - Yang Bamei
Wilful Character
Age: 18/24
The youngest of the family and also the only girl. I think she's the most doted in the family and hence accounts for her unbearing and wilful character at the start of the serial.
Comments: Actually I watched the serial for Carmen and it's really the love relation of Bamei and Yang An that made me continue watching the serial. But after sometime, I really got a bit fed up with this character. She's wilful, unreasonable, reckless, rash and sometimes irritating. Her rashness always caused trouble and pain for the people around her. She always has to learn lessons the hard way, and sometimes the price is a bit too high. Her love relation with Yang An is something that can make you vomit blood because both of them obviously have feelings for each other, but is always too proud to make the first move and in the end they just go in circles and circles. (reminds me of Xiu Lian and Mo Bai in CTHD if you did watch that serial). She's the kind that actually doesn't listen to reasons so much so that I pity Yang An and Paifeng for having to tolerate such a person at times. Of course she has a cute side of her, she's naive, pure and true. I like it when Carmen turned her eyeballs around, looking bewildered and innocent. Really cute! And you'll be amazed that she still looks as youthful as before., though when the camera do zoom in on her, u can actually see her wrinkles. This is the character that will mature as the plot develops.

Lian Kai - Yang An
Most Block Head Character 

Age: 22/28
Background: He's the son of a servant in the Yang. His father has been serving the Yangs for ages and Lady She treats them as a family and she especially trust Yang An because he's careful, calm and meticulous person. Loves Bamei but feels inferior and not worthy of her because he's a servant. This let Jiang Bin had the chance to come between them.
Comments: Yang An is a true breed BLOCK HEAD! Unromantic, not good with words, stubborn, and sometimes he can be very harsh with you. A direct contrast with Jiang Bin, so it's no wonder why Bamei fell for Jiang Bin so easily. He's a good leader and helper because he's meticulous, cautious and highly skilled. He would be a good husband because he would love his wife, he's faithful, honest and very trustworthy so much so that if I have to hand my life to any one of the characters in the serial, I would say Yang An. However I don't think he's a good boyfriend because he's SUCH A BLOCKHEAD! haha. Of course, this block of wood did do some unexpected sweet stuff for Bamei on and off, that's why I still like him despite his boring ways.

Theresa Lee - Yang Paifeng
ost Selfless Character 
Age: 17/23
Background: Another servant in the Yang family. Best friend with Bamei, is secretly in love with Yang An. When she found out that Yang An loves Bamei, she decided to be the match maker. Later has a love relation with Cheng Bo.
Comments: One of my favorite character. Kind, helpful, frank, carefree and funny. Actually I think she's in everyway better than Bamei in terms of character, just that she's not pretty enough. A bit stupid and slow at times, that's what makes her cute! But I think the most prominent feature of Paifeng is her selflessness and kindheartedness. She loves Yang An, but she tried ways and means to get him and Bamei together, because she wants him to be happy. She knew she might get poisoned too, but she sucked the poisoned out for Jingling without much consideration. 

Zhang Zhi Xiao - Yang Zhong Bao
Age: 12/18
Background: Son of Princess Cha and Yang Liu Lang. The only heir of Yang family that's why all of them are very uptight about his safety. Smart, quick witted, righteous. He met Mu Gui Ying while trying to steal Xiang Long Mu, a treasure of Mu Ke Zai. Initially both of them didn't quite like each other, but with understanding, love soon develops.
Comments: A smart kid since young. Very sensible, quite mature at his age but because he's inexperience he tends to make blunders at times. That's the way of learning. Overall quite a likeable character.

Ning Jing - Mu Gui Ying
ost Interesting Character 
Age: 17/23
Background: Daughter of Mu Ke Zai's chief. Later married Yang Zhong Bao.
Comments: Actually Singapore is also airing ATV's version of Yang Heroines when I am watching this serial, and I was told that Yang Heroines's main character should be Mu Gui Ying instead of Yang Bamei. So actually this serial's theme is quite different from the normal Yang Heroines as Mu Gui Ying is not really a big character here. 

The Liaos:

Dai Rong Mo - Liao Empress
st Selfish and Ambitious Character
Age: 45/51
Background: Ruler of the Liao Empire. Has 2 daughters, Ying Jing and Jingling. 
Comments: Very ambitious and unscrupulous woman who would stop at nothing to achieve her own goals. She even sent her own flesh and blood into a tiger's den, to be the spy! To marry the Song Emperor! What kind of a mother is that? I really hate her, she's disgusting. She always claims to be fighting for the good of the Liaos, but wake up, you're just fighting for yourself! How many Liaos were killed in your quest for power and fame? How many people have you sacrificed, including your own daughter? Dictators always claims to be fighting for the happiness of the people, but really, who are they fighting for? We have enough history lessons to know the answer. Actually watching such a war serial now really makes me think hard, with all the tragedies, fightings, terrorism and war coming in nowadays, it really makes me wonder how scary humans can get. Why must there be war?!

Yueling - Princess Ying Jing
ost Pampered Character
Age: 22/28
Background: Eldest daughter of Empress Xiao. She saved Silang by chance and fell in love with him. Her mother later forced Silang to marry her. They spent about 4 years together and bored him a son before she discovered that he's a Yang warrior.
Comments: Actually I don't have much feeling for this character, except that she seems to be pampered by all. By right as the eldest daughter of Empress Xiao, she should be the one being sent to the Song as a spy, but why was her sister sent instead? And a few begs from her, her mother would let Silang off, so I conclude that her mother dotes on her more. Both Ying Jing and Jingling are Princess, but one is so fortunate, the other leads a sad and pathetic life. Both Siniang and her are wives of Silang, but Silang always seems to think of her welfare first and chose her repeatedly. The only time I like her was when she's scolding her mother for the death of Jingling.

Michelle Xie Yun Yi - Princess Jingling aka Lady Wang
st Pitiful Character 
Age: 24
Background: The second daughter of Empress Xiao but she was sent to Song since young to act as a spy. She became the "daughter" of a high ranking Song official Wang Qin and consequently became the Emperor's most favorite concubine.
Comments: My favorite character!!! I was so sad when she died! ARGHHHH. I guess she's the most pitiful character of all. By right being a princess, she should be happy because she can get anything she wants. But this is definitely not the case for Jingling. Her entire life is being manipulated by her mother. Her life is burdened with nothing but responsibilities. She lost her freedom, she lost her body, she lost her soul, she lost the right to love, and she lost the right to live a life of her own. The serial started with Jingling as Lady Wang, the most favorite concubine of the Song Emperor. We see Jingling trying ways and means to make the Emperor neglect court matters so that her "father" could take control of the court matters. We were given the misconception that this character must be another one of those scheming vainpot concubine who cares nothing else but her own beauty, money and power. I was actually quite shocked to learn that she is actually the Princess of the Liao Empire and was the spy sent her mother. I felt really sad for her because her mother obviously didn't care much for her! If she cared, she wouldn't sent her to the Song Empire because it's so dangerous and she could be killed anytime. If she cared, she shouldn't have "forced" her to marry someone that she didn't love. Actually I know Jingling did this "willingly". I place an invert coma because yes technically speaking her mother did not force her, but Jingling did it because she loved her mother dearly. She wanted to help her mother fulfill her wish in conquering the Song. She wanted her happy. If given a choice, she would just want to lead a simple and carefree life. I was really happy at the scene where Jingling's sister Yingjing scolded their mother for being selfish. She said:"Mother, Bamei is not the one who killed Jingling, the one who killed Jingling is YOU! Did you ever asked her if she wanted to be the Song concubine? Did you ever think for her? All you life, all you care about is your ambition and empire, did you ever think for us?" Great scene!

I remember a scene where Bamei was actually sniggering at Jingling, asking her doesn't she feel that her life is meaningless and pathetic because she has to think of ways and means to entertain the Emperor? Jingling said that sometimes one cannot choose her own path in life, and freedom doesn't go to everybody. This was the first time that I started to take note of this character and for a moment I was quite impressed by what she said. She seems so much more sensible compared to the childish Bamei. Later when her identity was finally exposed and Beimengduo wanted to silence Wang Qin (her fake father), Jingling said no. She feels that she was able to become the concubine all because of Wang Qin and she shouldn't be ungrateful. When Beimengduo wanted to kill Paifeng, she stopped him again because she didn't want to hurt the innocent. Later, in order not to hurt Paifeng anymore, she decided to surrender. All these shows that Jingling is actually very kind at heart, selfless and honorable and definitely makes a loyal friend. She always think of other people's welfare first. All she wish for is to have a day of her own, a day where she can do what she wants, a day to look at the beautiful scenery around her, a quiet day with the guy she loves. Such a simple wish, such a noble and kind girl, but such a tragic life and pathetic ending! Haizz life isn't fair. Actually she's the younger kid, I thought the one to be sent to Song should be Yingjing instead. Seems to me that the mother dotes on Yingjing more. 

Darren Lin Ming Lun - Jiang Bin 
Scheming Character 
Background: He's actually a Song, but for fame, power and money, he decided to betray his country and be a lackey of Empress Xiao. Later, thinking he's charming and smart, he decided to court Bamei, hoping to make use of her feelings to wipe out the whole Yang family....only to find out that he has really fell for Bamei......
Comments: There was a time where I absolutely HATED this character because he's such a evil and scheming person. I personally feel that the most despicable kind of guy is one that toys with a girl's feelings, thinking he's suave and smart and every girl would fall for his charms!!! PUKE! I was cursing him, hoping he would die every moment I saw him appear. haha. Especially when he's the biggest obstacle between Bamei and Yang An!!! But later you will see that he actually did love Bamei and I felt sad for a moment (0.00000000000000000000000000000001 nanosecond?) when he died in Bamei's hands, murmuring that he didn't love Bamei at all. I think he's just trying to ease Bamei's guilt, so that she would not be too sad when he died. With his martial skills, it's possible for him to escape, but he chose to die in Bamei's hands, I don't know if he's being cruel or kind to Bamei. He's one proud person, I reckon that he feels that Bamei would not believe in him and love him anymore, feeling "defeated" by Bamei, he thus lost the will to live. To die in the hands of the person you love is a blissful thing. Maybe that's what's his mind. 


Song Emperor 
st BAKA & Irritating Character
Background: The Song Emperor
Comments: HOW CAN SUCH A PERSON EVER BECOME THE EMPEROR????? Frankly, I've never seen any serial with such an irritating and stupid emperor. He really gets on my nerves. He only knows how to play and make merry and was never really concern about the affairs of the country. The only thing he is concern about is courting girls and this highly irked me. He seems to treat disloyal subjects better! Just like the way he spare Wang Qin. When Paifeng was seriously ill and needed his moustache as the antidote, he tried ways and means to avoid the Yang family?!?!?! What's that? They fought life and death to help you keep your stupid lousy empire and you can't even spare then a few pathetic strands of moustache?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!? I'm totally speechless.
Note: BAKA is a japanese word for STUPID.

Wang Qin
st Disloyal & Haughter Character
Age: 50/56
Background: A very high ranking official in the Song. Very trusted subordinate of the Emperor partly because his daughter Lady Wang is the most fav concubine of the Emperor. A Liao spy, tried ways and means to undermine the influence of the Yangs in the Song. 
Comments: Very sly, scheming, disloyal, despicable and greedy person. Extremely proud and haughty too. You can find all the traits of a villain in him so it's not hard to hate him. 


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