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A Personal Thank You
I would like to thank Seagull for the gorgeous and clear screen captures of Yue Ling. And a big big thank you for the trailers she made for my site. I would also like to thank Scarlett for her permission to take some screen captures from her site, which you can see a  background wallpaper in this site. And a great many thanks to Jennifer from SPCNET forums for translating the cast list.

If you want to know Roger's story, just look at the screen captures because Seagull captured the English dialogue as well and well...I could say I know some of the story thanks to the English subtitles. For example, I could say that Yue Ling's character appreciates strong and brave women and though she is an enemy of the Yangs (Han people) she admires their people and would hope to be friends one day. But the war stopped her from being friendly. See!! Who says screen captures are no good?!

This is a sub site within All About Yue Ling, which is in E-Buzz Taiwan Database.

Funn Lim